For the last fifteen years Australian Internet providers have lagged behind countries throughout the world. While it seems a bit strange that a continent so large can have internet speed that are so slow, that’s the sad┬átruth.

What is the Average Speed of Australian Internet

According to 2014 statistics that tested the speed from several cities throughout Australia. There is a huge discrepency between different cities. Some cities are faster while others are not. But overall, the speed lags behind most developed countries and ranks three spots behind Thailand. This is all despite the fact that most Australian have mobile devices and functional internet at home.

average speed

While some people are unsure of why this is the case. We have a few ideas why the Australian Internet scene is so slow. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Slow Datacenters

Datacenters throughout Australia aren’t the fastest in the world. Some of the bigger datacenters like VentraIP and Digital Pacific don’t offer service that is anywhere near their foreign counterparts. We checked out Lucas Johnson’s Review of Digital Pacific to get a better idea of their hosting service and quality.

Slow ISP

Australian ISP have suffered from slower than average speeds as you can see by the chart above. This is an issue with not only local ISP but also a few of the bigger national services as well. I believe that the reason why they lag behind others is the physical distance of the connection or undersea cables to Australia.

The nearest distance to any other worldwide Internet cables is extremely far and that huge distance slows down the Internet connect to make it a lot more difficult to get the signal across.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated

In Australia the majority of website use shared hosts that don’t give a website or a business specific dedicated hosting. The difference between the two is pretty big. Think of it like this – shared hosting allows an Internet resource to be shared with many people at once. Dedicated servers are a lot better for faster more sustained connection speeds. Faster speeds equal faster results in most cases.

The Future of Australian Internet – Google Indigo Wire

By 2018 the Google Indigo Wire will be setup to connect Australia to Singapore a few other countries throughout the world. This will allow for a much faster surfing experience for Australian residents. The Indigo wire will have 2 main fiber bundles which can transmit 18 terabits per second. The entire length of the project will run almost 5,600 miles and connect multiple cities on the East of Australia.

Google says that once the wire is done Internet speeds throughout the content should increase dramatically with millions of visitors being able to access high speed internet effectively and accurately. The wire itself is not actually a project run entirely by Google.

Rather multiple local and international Australian companies have come together to build it and help people throughout the country.

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