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Trying a new activity will always be challenging for us. There will always be a learning curve that one has to go through in order to be competent in any new field. Fly-fishing, for example, can be hard for beginners.

This is magnified if said beginner is usually a couch potato, meaning that he or she is not used to physical activities. Even those who are will have difficulty. What outsiders fail to comprehend is that success fly-fishing, or fishing in general sense, does not hinge solely on the casting technique. Equipment is a vital part of fly fishing, as well as the place itself.

This article would like to help those who would like to try out fly-fishing by using normal-day activities as the basis for the training. This is helpful advice for all us CPU nerds

Playing fish-oriented games

This might be considered as bad advise but playing “fish games” will really help. Not much in the practical aspect but playing such games will generate interest in fishing as a whole. Remember, the best quality that one can have in entering any field is interest. Having the adequate amount of interest will result into the phenomenon that we can call as “the drive”. With this two aforementioned qualities, one will always persevere and succeed in any chosen field. The same is applicable in the field of fly-fishing. Don’t underestimate apps for they can generate interest.


You might ask, why will hiking help me in learning how to fish? The answer is very simple, you need to know the spots for fly-fishing. Hiking will allow you to exercise in preparation for the rigors of fly-fishing. Hiking will also allow you to explore places that may be suitable for fly-fishing.

You might see other fishers in streams or ponds around your place or along your usual route. You can always ask said fishers for some tips. Not only will you know the spots for fly-fishing but you will also glean much needed knowledge in the realm of fly-fishing. Expert advice will always be the best source of information in fly-fishing.

Digesting Fly-Fishing Content

Seeking out fly-fishing related content will also be helpful in jumpstarting your entrance into the field of fly-fishing. In fact, you have already started this step because you are already reading this article! It is imperative that you will have a semblance of theoretical knowledge when starting out. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of videos and articles that talks about fly-fishing. Devour them at your whim. While having the interest is good, coupling it with extant knowledge is better. Of course, do not forget to……

Actually Practice the Theories

This is usually the last and longest step that prospective fly-fishers forgot or refuse to do that is because this is the essence of fly-fishing itself. This is the abrupt transition between someone looking outside the field and being in the field itself. If you are really interested in pursuing, never forget to actually pursue it as opposed to just reading about it and use the best rods available

You must actually try it in order to really enjoy the thrill of catching (and letting it go, be friendly to the fishes) fishes. Do not be contented in merely learning the theories because they will be useless if unused. Get out of that couch and fish!

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